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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sorry my @ss

Gloria's famous "I am sorry" thing is turning out to be the most irritating craze nowadays. It's Imee's turn this time. Apparently, the young Marcos did an unexpected absence during that Congress session when the pro-impeachment party needed help most. "I'm sorry," she said- referring to her decision to leave her post that night as her mother, the shoe addict Imelda, told her to do so. It is said that the government had asked the Marcos family to withdraw their support to the pro-impeachment group in exchange to allowing the remains of former President Ferdinand Marcos to be buried in the infamous Libingan ng mga Bayani.

What kind of excuse is that? And where's the honor in that? If she really believes in the ideals of the party to which she entrusted her signature, she would fight alongside her colleagues until the end, wouldn't she? But no. One favor from her mother and poof. The promise is gone, dignity set aside. And she has the guts to say "lahat ng pangako ng presidente, napapako." (Not that she's not telling the truth, though.)

She said "minsan lang naman na napagbigyan ko ang aking ina, so sana'y pagpasensyahan nyo na". What does she mean by this? I thought being a leader means living as a public servant- and leaving all kinds of biases behind for the sake of the people whom you serve? This includes family. Or is it me and the few remaining idealists who believe that such leaders still exist in this country?

Yes yes... no one's perfect to resist the small favors of a family member. But to justify that for one's misdeed is just... annoying. And yet, that's family over service. This is the type of thinking politicians promise to shed off during electoral campaigns, yet embrace like pillows during a good night sleep. It's never OK to suffer the interest of the people for one's own goals, specially if you are a public servant... most specially if you took oath as representative of the people. And I thought Imee was one young congresswoman who, eventhough raised in the wrong side of politics, would live up to the promise of a new generation of leadership in this country. Looks like we do still have to wait for several more generations of young leaders before we could realize the real worth of our votes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My prof once suggested that a solution to remove these type of human species (monkeys masquerading as congressman/women) is group them together in one place then drop an atomic bomb in the midst of them!


11:01 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


atomic bombs are too messy, too much collateral damage.

i say we just gas the congress. we lock them up in the session hall and infuse noxious and toxic gasses into the air conditioning.

we could then televise the whole event and watch these pigs die a slow painful death, while we point and laugh at their misery.

after the congress we could then proceed to the senate then lasty, malacaƱang.

then we'd finally be free of these lying bastards

1:39 PM

Blogger haring ulan said...

and how about this:

"During the efforts to push the impeachment complaint, it was clear to me that it would be very difficult to get 79 signatures, even on the first day of voting in Congress. My one vote is not enough to stop the plans of the allies of President Arroyo to kill the impeachment complaint."

how cute is that? short of saying "why bother". well, at least she has a point about not being "for sale", because i dont think anyone is buying.

1:57 PM

Blogger TatangREtong said...

Kinda tough on Imee, aren't you? After all, Apo Makoy was her father. If he got to be buried in Libingan ng mga Bayani, well, i can see how she can let Gloria live on.

2:04 PM


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