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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Piece of cake

This is no ordinary piece of cake.

This piece of chocolate chips cake means forever.

This cake means a lot more than just dessert. Every bite means more than just sweet sensation.

This cake wakes me up every morning. It says you've once had a beautiful breakfast with him. And it's enough to make my day shine.

This cake reminds me of how we talked about our dreams. It reminds me about how he reacted with my attempts to make him laugh. It's an endless memory of the words we've shared, even for just a couple of minutes together on the coffee table.

This is where I shared with you my frustrations, and you told me what exactly to do to appreciate it, to accept that it's really how life is. This place is where I saw the world through your eyes, and it felt nice. Then I realized hey! I turned out quite fine.

This coffee table started a whole new color in how I saw life. I started to appreciate everything... from the coffee that somehow lacks the taste, to the mistakes that I regret most. Then, I saw how wonderful you are. I'm having breakfast with a real wonder boy.

That coffee table means forever.

It reminds me of a place that could have been if only I have the power to twist fate. It's one small part of a whole different universe that exists only whenever I find my nightly soltitude with only the stars to listen to my woes. And I found heaven in this small place... something that I'll surely cherish till my last moment here.

And even as I die, I'd probably think about this piece of cake, this little coffee table where we shared small talks, laughed, felt gloomy, felt nice, together, once. And I'd be a happy soul if heaven is just composed of this small coffee table. As long as you'll be there to smile back at me, giggle for me once again.

Because I've always wanted to go back to our coffee table. To have coffee and share this piece of cake with you again. Because this coffee table, this little place of ours, is where I began to be. This piece of cake is forever. This coffee table is forever.


Anonymous Pete Rafael said...

Alright, lady? Where are you getting these things? First it's the guy getting hit by lightning (I think) and now we've got a girl musing over cake and a coffee table! You're either getting this from somewhere or you're writing it yourself. Whatever it is, it's damn good!

So stop posting them, will ya? You're freaking me out.

Seriously though, they're awesome. Keep it up and I'll keep coming back.

9:23 PM

Blogger Katie said...

where am i getting all of these? from inspiration, i guess...

5:04 AM

Blogger AKILEZ said...

A ball of lightning and a piece of cake. A tremendous goose bumps and a dozen genetically altered roses but eventually everything leads to something.

9:33 PM


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