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Friday, June 24, 2005

Addicted to webcomics

Awww... I just hate and love it at the same time, when I find somebody else has already made my wildest ideas come true.

I'm currently addicted to Penny and Aggie. No, they're not the latest versions of Skittles. They're two girls who live reality as how I'd live it.

See? I can totally relate to both... uh... Aggie most of the time. A natural poet who writes based on unpredictable mood, yet always mistakened as a Filipina dumb-blonde prototype. Fashionista, at times. Yet, expresses anger to the world most of the time through mastery of the wardrobe. And most of all, they're both dying to meet their knight-in-shining armor, yet are willing to do the most death-defying stunts to conceal this female weakness. A smart webcomic about being clueless. Girl power!! Teehee...


Blogger Sean said...

Ah, Giselle Legace's Penny and Aggie. I still wonder why she didn't finish Cool Cat Studio, but I suppose that it's her choice as to what to work on.

That said, Penny and Aggie really needs an archive page...

10:50 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you mean by archive page? As it is, we have a page showing the full calendar year...and we have a drop-down menu for the storylines to pick on each page that features a strip.

As for reasons as to why I didn't finish CCS. Burnout and dissatisfied.

Won't happen again though. Learned my lesson.


11:00 PM

Blogger Sean said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:40 PM

Blogger Sean said...

Agh. Sorry... just noticed the Archives link now. My head must have been elsewhere...

Sorry about the misnomer as well, Ms. Gisèle Lagacé; I was working from a dodgy internet connection at the time.

Good comic/s, though.

2:45 PM

Blogger Katie said...

Wow! Gisèle Lagacé just visited my blog. I'm a fan! It's an honor. :)

10:15 PM

Blogger AKILEZ said...

mmmmm.....Comic Strip is Fab in Manila.

I wish someone can have a Comic Magazine about the Philippine Government. Like the old days in the late 80's.

Wishing all the comic artist in the Philippines to find their Niche just like the thousands of artist in Estates struggling to be recognize but one filipino artist already made it here in Boston. Guess who? Well, I don't his name but his famous here. just a simple drawing that makes everybody smile in snotty city.

3:55 AM

Blogger Zombie Logic said...

I enjoyed that comic.

Zombie Logic Press

1:20 PM


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