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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Nah. I think all these buzz about Gloriagate is just a bunch of crap. I mean, isn't it already a fact of life that Gloria cheated during the 2004 elections?

We don't need wiretaps and tapes to prove that our president's a fake. Obvious signs of her sinister plans have already been with us the day she stood as the second lady president of this God-forsaken country! It's just that... ah well. I think Filipinos are now suffering mass amnesia as side effect of synthetic pancit canton we've been eating for years- Filipinos just easily forget.

Have people forgotten that she even cheated herself by breaking her promise prior to the elections? She promised she'd not run for re-election, didn't she?

Have people forgotten that Arroyo-henchman Garcillano had already retired from government service before being assigned again in the COMELEC, A FEW MONTHS BEFORE THE ELECTION? If people still consider logic not as an ancient way of life, that's already a give-away that CHEATING would happen during those times, wouldn't it? I mean, as President who'd desperately want to win an election, she would assign a head-over-heals follower as mediator, right? That's what happened, but no one seems to remember.

Isn't it that during the election campaign, the streets were almost covered with signs saying Gloria's project this, Gloria's project that?! It's obvious that WE paid for those campaign ads, no matter what Gloria's side say to refute this claim. And hell, THEY WERE NOT GOVERNMENT PROJECT ADS. THEY WERE GLORIA'S CAMPAIGN ADS! Don't tell me that it was just that the government wanted to say they were doing their job, and putting these signboards should tell the people that it is so. Where are those billboards now?! Why not spend now on these "Gloria cares" signages, huh?! Imagine the money spent on this so-called government ads. It's like we paid taxes just to let her use our money to post her shameful name everywhere that time. By using government funds for campaign purposes, isn't that right-on-the-face CHEATING?

And lastly, isn't it that CHEATING is really part of the game here in the Philippines? It's either you're too famous, or you're too dirty you'd win the elections. Or both. In the case of Gloria during the May 2004 elections, she was just too (to borrow the Filipino term) "tuso" to bring it on and still manage to win against a real contender clamoured by the masses. Come to think of it, if Gloria played a clean game, would she win the May 2004 elections? Without the mud-slinging and just clean campaigning, would she win the fight then? we would still be mourning for a president who expired due to a heart attack if that was so.

So, see? CHEATING is a legacy that the Arroyos give to Filipino history. From the Iggy boy's claim to save Mike Arroyo's ass, to this wiretapped recordings that completely confirms her real personality, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, is indeed, the queen of all cheaters. Ang cheating being part of our politics, cheating being a way of staying in power in the Philippines, hindi ba bagay na bagay sya sa kanyang position ngayon? :)

Don't tell us you'd just ignore these accusations, keep silent, and try focusing on real issues? This is the real issue, and has been regardless if it's forgotten by almost all your people or not. You think the country would still move on with these dirt lying around your crib?

Seems like we need a total overhaul- from the way politics work here, to the ones who would participate. Gloria's kung-fu is like Crumpy Choco spread that I left on my office desk: It's expired, and it stinks.


Anonymous Carlo said...

I absolutely loved what you had to write here. I must say that anyone who is oblivious to the fact that cheating is uncommon in a Philippine election is an idiot. The government needs a total overhaul, but honestly, there is just not one person strong enough to enforce an agenda that will dig deep into the culture and mentality of the Filipino and purge the free radicals in the government. What disappoints me is that people rant, and rant, and rant some more but have no clear alternative to what's going on. Those who want to grab power have the same stench as GMA, only having a different set of cronies..

Besides that, I enjoyed reading this blog. Great stuff. :)

11:57 AM

Anonymous karina said...

cguro, huwag ka na lang umasa sa bayan, gawin mo na lang ang makakaya mo at kung anong mabuti sa bayan...

12:12 PM


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