screw the status quo. we need change and we need it now. we need not a leader who plays with words and public funds. we need not a leader whose years of service fall under the 'fiction' category. we definitely need not a leader who knows nothing. we require a leader who has conviction, who has the guts to change the seemingly unchangeable. we need... to prepare for 2007. Now.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hurrah for Independence

This are factors in Philippine politics that remain constant eversince independence was first declared in this forsaken land.

The people are inspired by false hopes. The Filipinos are educated in such a way that heroes are like angels from the heavens- they live to give us salvation from sufferings. The fact is that main characters of our historical novela are, themselves, the protagonists who go against unpopular true heroes. Take for instance Aguinaldo. Yes, the first president of the Philippines who allegedly stood against the Spaniards by declaring freedom from the centuries old Spanish problem. Ever thought how Aguinaldo gained the top position during his time? Review history: He had his rival Bonifacio assasinated. Antonio Luna, as well- stabbed on the back while his mother laughs like crazy on their azotea. He declared independence amidst strong disapproval from his wisest adviser Apolinario Mabini, who claimed it wasn't time for that because he somehow smelled something fishy with the Americans roaming around that time in the Pacific. (Not knowing his boss has already been influenced by their dark side...) Oh how amazing how history repeats itself in the Philippines. It's amazing we take the death of liberty from the past, and democracy in the present- through waving Philippine flags and thunderous applause.

Lies. Denying is art here. Works like magic in politics. In the Philippines, if you lie as a career, you'd most likely get the highest ranks. The likes of Miriam Defensor-Santiago (I lied! Hahaha!), Wilde Almeda (I'd kill myself if Estrada wins), Lolit Solis (from the Metro Manila Film Awards controversy), Gloria Arroyo (I will not run for reelection. I did not use goverment funds for my electoral campaign, I got not even a single centavo from jueteng), and now, Eduardo Bunye (you've got to learn to deny if you're Gloria's press secretary, you know...), are but obvious examples. Yet lies still sell, specially when mixed with too much palabok. Combine controversies, lies, crying faces on TV, and Senate hearings: You've come up with both a perfect coverup for a real issue that is happening on the background, or a good way to build up yourself for the next elections! It happened when Aguinaldo declared independence when he knows the Americans were almost to invade us. It's still happening now.

Fall guys. Bonifacio is a great example. Poor guy. He would have been the first good Erap in Philippine history. The one who stands up as Gary (of the controversial audio CD) today is another example. Poor guy... he probably has a great utang-na-loob for Mike Arroyo to have his name and life at stake, just to save the pig's ass.

Controversy. Philippine culture would not be complete without it. It seems like Filipinos have learned to live by it. Probaby due to the fact that most politicians already came from showbiz roots. Or most politicians go for showbiz fame just to gain popularity. Controversies and false stories come with the package. How about professionalism? How about truly focusing on the real issue? If you're Gloria, you could probably tell that to your people while you do the dirty fixes behind the scenes.

Nepotism. Never leave the family behind when blessings that come with power arrive. The returns of fame and authority should be distributed not to those who deserve it, but to those with whom you have blood relations. Filipino muna? Filipino first? Nooo... Utang na loob muna. Friends muna. Asawa muna. Anak muna. Hell... ako muna! Since they bought their votes anyway, it's time to reap the fruits of the campaign labor. Politics is business here. Preparations begin not by building up your name through honest, honorable deeds; but building up your bank accounts for pre-election purposes.

There's no reason to celebrate Independence day, since we've been dealing with the same bastards and dirt since days of the Spanish regime. Independence day is for those who think we're now free from those who took our ancestors as slaves. Where's Europe now? Where's the United States now? How about Japan? Do they suffer because of their misdoings in the past? Compare their lives with ours now. Who suffers the most? When they left, we're left with more problems than Jose Rizal had anticipated in his last days in Fort Santiago. Rizal could be laughing at us now. Fools! You read my novels, yet you never learn from it. My message is obvious, yet you never have noticed it. Never learning from your simplest and most obvious mistakes only means one thing: You're all a bunch of retards! I'd kick Rizal myself (again) off from heaven if I hear him say that.

Let's all wear black on June 12... and have a great time. Yipee.


Blogger AKILEZ said...

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4:00 AM

Blogger AKILEZ said...

To tell you frankly I never liked Aguinaldo. The real Katipunan Leader was brutally murdered.

Who was Aguinaldo, a bloody murderer or just another dirty politician from the past?

How can I celebrate June 12th when our country was sold to the Americans. How can I celebrate July 4th if We already declared Independence Day on June 12th. Which is Which?

The answer is just another question

4:01 AM

Anonymous tome cruz said...

As the lead male character in "The Incredibles" says, painfully, " . . . we keep finding new ways to celebrate mediocrity!"

Think about it. On Monday, June 13th, -- no matter how really pissed we all are about the state of government, and complained black and blue about it -- we're all still going to continue taking it in the butt and ignoring all else that's real. We're all still going to crawl back to that "happy place" in our minds and not do anything about it.

For as long as we have the big tv, and big stereo, and nice cellphone, a place to stay and warm food on the table, bakit tayo gagalaw?

Maybe when there's nothing anymore, and we accept that there's really nothing anymore, gagalaw rin tayo sa wakas. And fix what's broken along Pasig River.

9:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Just because the first leader of our Nation, our Republic is a bad man doesn't mean we shouldn't celebrate our Independence Day. He's just one man. Think of all the poor, barefooted farmers who, machete in hand, charged against well-armed and well-disciplined Spanish and American armies facing certain death. These people weren't paid or forced to fight for what was our fledgeling Republic then. They believed in something far bigger than their clan or kin relations or their next harvest or their ethnic group. They believed and hoped that one day they might have the right to rule themselves so that they may be more in control of their destiny, so that their wives, husbands, and children may have a better life. If you trace your family tree you'll realize that we all came from poor farmers. It is to them I light up a candle on our Independence day.

9:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

we've all lost our will to fight. nationalism is but an ideal. it no longer exists.

more than a hundred years of freedom and what do we have to show for it? still the same rotting system, created by lies, intrigue and selfish motives. the blood of heroes, people who genuinely cared for our country, spilled by the greed of those who want to be in power.

100 plus years of freedom and still we are nothing more than what we used to be.

we may be free from foreign invaders but we were never free from the people who are in power. we fought off foreign tyrants, only to be enslaved again bythe local ones.

and like nationalism, independence is now just an ideal. because in essence, we were never free.

5:47 PM


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