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Monday, June 20, 2005

Politics, Lies and Audio Tapes

You know what? I'm just having a little epiphany. That Garci audio tape sure sells the same way those sleazy Ethel Booba and Piolo Pascual sex videos, being sold in the back alleys of Avenida. Just a week ago a student activist was trying to sell me a copy of that GMA audio tape for 20 bucks. Oh boy! What a way to make a fund racing gimmick! twenty bucks oughta earn me an LRT from recto to santolan station.

But Katie is absolutely right. Do we really need the tape to prove that GMA cheated? Come on the mere obvious fact that she used the resources of the government for her campaign last presidential election says enough! Is she then a corrupt president? How do we define corruption in the first place? In Singapore taking a coffee or lunch break a minute longer than allotted is already considered corruption. Obviously someones covering her ass. I can see the reason why she won't answer the allegations. After all its one question she would rather not dignify with an answer. That was something "Fat Bastard" Erap did not do, and guess where he is now. But I can go on and on the real point here is she cheated! regardless whether the content of the tape is authentic or not.

Does this call for another EDSA revolution? Oh come on people, lets have a little sense of maturity! Part of the reason why her cheating was so damn successful and believable was the fact that many voters supported her because of the so-called "Win ability factor". Which means people voted for the person most likely to win. When in fact, people should win because they get voted not the other way around. Its like this, if the tabulation revealed that Eddie Gil won by over 10 million votes against FPJ or GMA, you wouldn't have second thoughts about election frauds. When I went to EDSA 2, I was under the premise that it was a last resort, and we revolted, so we won't have to revolt again in the future. At a certain point people must have a sense of maturity, vigilance, and eventually be an intellectual voters so we would save ourselves all these fiasco.

But make no mistake about it! I will never tolerate corrupt leadership. Just the other weekend, I saw one of those militant leaders yelling "Si GMA ang puno't dulo ng kahirapang ito!" But in reality the problem did not start with her, and definitely will not end with her. It began and will end with us. So make no mistake about it, maybe on my next essay I maybe supporting a call for resignation.

But here is the story that pisses me off. Mr. Jingoy claiming that the source of that tape is irrelevant, what only mattered was its content. Oh yeah? Lets see. The president is one of the most secured difficult people to access. But apparently they were able to wire tap her phone conversation. That took resources, skills, technology, and a hell of a motive to execute. Answer me this question, why would someone go trough all that trouble to wire tap the most secured person in this country? What motivated him? The quest to find the truth about election fraud? I definitly don't think so! Why? Because this wire tap conversationcould have been presented during the tabulation of votes, when it really mattered the most! But it was revealed in perfect timing when GMA's popularity ratings were down, and we are at our worst economic turmoil. This is like sprinkling gas on a raging fire. So there is now a question of the intentions of this person who executed the plan. What did he intend to do with the information in that conversation? Moreover who did he do it for?

So now, the main benefactor of all this is the political opposition. They clamor for GMA's resignation from office, due to corruption. Oh please! Don't you serve an equally corrupt master? Probably one of the most morally and intellectually incapacitated leader all over Asia. Fact is regardless if there is any truth on that tape or none, they would surely use it to make GMA look like an idiot. And what reeeeeaaaallllllly cooks my goose is Rep. Francis Escudero, asking the EDSA 2 people to apologize to the Estradas and the opposition. Oh wait a minute? So if GMA is proven guilty does tha automatically the innocence of Erap? If GMA is corrupt does that make Erap a less corrupt leader? If GMA stole 20 million and Erap stole 10 million, does that mean that he is less corrupt? If GMA is a bad president does that mean Erap was a good president? Oh kiss my ass opposition leaders! They are obviously using the issue to politically avange a fallen leader who feels like his d.... ba..... pen..... manhood was stolen from him the day he was removed from office pathetic! Id like to see GMA and Erap share the same prison cell someday if possible.

All this is folks is like the Alien Vs. Predator movie, "Whoever wins, we loose". Ang magnanakaw, galit sa kapwa magnanakaw. Just because they love to bring down a corrupt leader it does not mean that they arenow heroes. Not Erap! not Sandra cam! not even Atty.Ong and Agent Doble!



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