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Monday, June 20, 2005

I love you, too, Dad.

I bought a "The Day After Tomorrow" DVD for my dad. We celebrated Father's Day just as how he'd always want it to be... in a couch with two of her beautiful daughters and three bags filled with popcorn, watching a good movie. As simple as it was, it was perfect. I never thought it'd be a perfect movie for the day 'til I've seen the movie the second time.

"Dad, will you go all the way to New York to rescue me, even if a whole lotta wind, water and hale gets in your way?"

"Are you kidding? We, Filipinos, are capable of facing the wrath of nature. I'll be there for you in no time, iha."

"So what predicament would have you decide that I need rescuing? And will you rescue me when that day comes?"

"If some guy just dumped you and you feel like the whole world has turned you down, I'll come to the rescue even if you're in the most remote side of Siberia."

Oh if you only knew. Happy Father's day, Dad! :)


Blogger Jac said...

Aww that's so sweet :) happy father' day to all the loving fathers out there :D

10:19 AM


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