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Monday, June 20, 2005

that crazy spam

I just got this from my mailbox. Some general from Nigeria is looking for a place to throw his money away for "investing" purposes. I know these types of email's are fraud, but this one really made me laugh.



Hello friend,
How are you this weekend.
I am General Shehu Dagash (retired).
I am in Victoria Islands, Nigeria, Africa Continent.
I am seventy five years old.
After a careful study of your economy, I have chosen to
make substantial investments for my children in your
country, if you are willing to guide or represent my
interest in your country. I look forward to communicate
further with you.

My phone nr.: +234 805 361 3290
My email address:

Have a nice day.

Gen. Shehu Dagash (Rtd)


"After a careful study of your economy, I have chosen to make substantial investments for my children in your country..." Oh boy. Someone give this man a real analyst before he throws away his money. Mr. Shehu, if you're real, and in the spirit of Father's day, please have mercy on your children.


Blogger de Villa said...

Re: Nigerian Spam

hahahahah, classic.

6:46 AM

Blogger AKILEZ said...

Ohh Please...

Just be careful fellow bloggers lots of fakers coming from Africa.

Scam Index:

1.) Pre-paid phone cards that are use in Estates to call Pinas some are fake and gets your phone number to be charged off.

2.) Emails from Africa that are bogus asking you to send them your account to transfer bogus funds.
etc etc etc....

There are Hustlers all over the world including the Philippines. So be careful. Not all People are nice. One good advise The Russian mob is Hacking the Unites States credit card data base.

Might have to stop using my card on the net for awhile. Will you?

10:45 AM

Blogger Sean said...

Dear Gen. Dagash,

Having first-hand experience of this country's economy, I must congratulate you on your well-informed decision. I assure you that your finances will be in safe hands here, especially after we flush them down the toilet along with the rest of the foreign aid packages we've been receiving. That said, we unfortunately do not have a ready excuse for losing your investment just yet, but you may rest assured that we'll come up with some sufficienty-damaging political crisis to speed them on their way.

Please do send my regards to your personal broker. I am certain that, after gaining control of his troop through the obligatory chest-pounding and exchange of fecal matter, he has much reason to celebrate. Do give him a banana or two for me; I'm told that he likes them very much.

Have you perhaps considered visiting our wonderful country? I whole-heartedly agree that you will find yourself at home with many of our government offices, and a number of our officials will be on hand for a welcome that properly befits one of their kind.



Disclaimer: The above statement was written for satirical intent. In the interests of safety, do not answer letters like these... even if you have so many things to say that you feel really should be said.

6:48 PM


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