screw the status quo. we need change and we need it now. we need not a leader who plays with words and public funds. we need not a leader whose years of service fall under the 'fiction' category. we definitely need not a leader who knows nothing. we require a leader who has conviction, who has the guts to change the seemingly unchangeable. we need... to prepare for 2007. Now.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


It took me a lot of contemplation to complete this one. So far with the way things are going I'm just so disappointed in everything. I'm disappointed for Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, who had so many chances to prove that she was way better than Erap (being well educated, and coming from a prominent family), but instead she ended up being no better than the backstabbing bastards of the opposition. I'm disappointed because all the principles and convictions I fought for during the second EDSA revolution. But most of all I'm so disappointed in all of us, for failing to have a sense of political maturity.

You see, Katie and I had an earlier disagreement about Jose Rizal's philosophy. I have said it before that I'm not a fan of him, and I think P.I. 100 in U.P. should be dissolved. But lately I'm begining to see it her way. Now Im begining to understand why Jse Rizal never fought for Philippine independence. Somehow he must have predicted that this would happen to us. Independence has served us no purpose but to become a catalyst that would lead to our deterioration as a nation. Not many of you agree with me on this one. I don't know, maybe during the time of Pres. Magsaysay et al. , was this country practicing genuine independence. Now Cory Aquino is all over TV again, bragging about our so-called legacy of "democracy". But as I see it democracy to us is just waiting for every chance that we get to oust presidents in the streets of EDSA.

Just what is democracy to all of us? Democracy in the Philippine scenario is like a 5 year old toddler with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), given a detonator to an active nuclear bomb! What Im driving at is that we never have been responsible about it. We never have been responsible in making sure that Trapos don't win the elections, but hey for a bag of grocery items or even a ham and cheese sandwich we sell our votes. We can't even be responsible enough to follow simple traffic rules everyday. All we do is that we wait for the first chance/excuse that we get so we can rally and blame presidents.

The way I see it, another 300 years will pass and we will still be blaming Ferdinand Marcos for our misery. Come to think of it, is this time better than his? We have press freedom, but the law enforcers can't even protect those who uphold the truth in media. There is freedom to vote, but we either vote for incompetent corrupt public officials, or we even help them cheat.Human rights are respected, but not the right of every accused to have a speedy trial. There is no more curfew and we can go wherever we want whenever we want, but we probably won't do that because the streets are not safe. We don't practice military discipline among pedestrians anymore, but this has been used as an excuse for people to violate even the simplest traffic law. There are no more incidents of military abuses, but people in rebel infested areas always suffer between the cross fire, and also regular citizens abuse their authority nowadays. A corrupt but brilliant dictator was ousted in Edsa 1, only to be replaced by another corrupt and incompetent leader.

Come on people, let us not be hypocrites here. This isnot a Mel Gibson movie add that goes "life without freedom is no life at all". Life that is not free from suffering is no freedom at all. I'm not saying that I wan't another dictatorial regime or a communist one. I'm saying that democracy will not serve its purpose when we don't use it with responsibility. Is this our destiny as a nation? To keep waiting for the chance to oust a president? -Ahmad


Blogger AKILEZ said...

Ahmad I am not also a follower of Jose Rizal but respects him for being a non-violent person he reminded me of Ghandi.

I believe more on the modern day Filipino heroes like Benigno,Balweg,Chico,UP student activist leader Alejandro and the modern day Filipinos. I will always blame the Marcoses for our country's demise. My co-worker who is an immigrant like myself asked me "Why is the Philippines became poor, the 50's and 60's your country was rich", What happened? I told him because of the Political and Economic instability brought upon to us by A Corrupt regime the Marcoses. If the government is corrupt we can't be be normal.

Feasibility study:

A typical saying for a poor Filipino "Why can't I be corrupt? If the government is doing it I can do it"

who hustle you when you take a cab from the airport and charge you 200 pesos for a 100 peso ride to your house in Baclaran. A filipino poor who sells her sampaguita 20.00 pesos more than the regular price.

A Filipino who steals a "Man Hole Cover" in Cubao and sell it to a government official and that official buys it in a cheap price and that official Doctored the Auditors book to raise the price of the "Man Hole Cover" to get some kick back. Going to get some driver's license. Hey!!! dito ka ho (come here) I will take care of your Licence but you have to pay me 100 pesos to pass all the inpections and to pay the people in the LTO. Imelda Marcos once sang a song and it was:

"Don't cry for me Philippines the truth is I only have 3000 pairs of shoes"

Nice Posting Ahmad it make sense. How's the Thesis?

3:10 AM

Blogger floyd said...

lets look at it this way.
if you want the country to change then believing that just because a persons well educated and intelligent should be one amongst your first ways of thinking to be completely obliterated.

and i further disagree with your contention that P.I. 100 should be discarded, for all i know it is the subject that requires our utmost attention. do you know the history why that subject came into being?

read your history dear and understand why rizal became a hero but most of all read on how we little by little forget our roots its because we'd rather relegate it in dustbins.

if only people who are bright like you would read more on our history then maybe you'll appreciate rizal more.

suggested readings:
past revisited
continuing past
(renato constantino)

Rizal by austin coates
Rizal without the overcoat by ambeth ocampo


12:36 AM


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