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Friday, August 05, 2005

Hope Fades

Where is the sense of professionalism in the Senate when we need it the most? Where is the sense of honor and dignity that every leader should have when we need it the most? And where are the good statesmen when we need them the most? Today another statesman passed away and it is really a big loss to this already dying republic.

Given a choice between an actor politician who is a darling of the masses but a clown of the Senate and a professional politician whom the masses can't relate to but is knowledgeable about running the country, I'd choose the latter. We don't want a superstar in the Senate! We don't need them at all. I'm so sick with this pathetic excuses for statesmen, who claim that they are the messiah of the masses. This people think that by winning the heart of the masses they automatically become good statesmen. I must have heard this bull crap a bajillion times, and as much as it is pleasing to the ears, it remains nothing but a cheap bull crap used to deceive us. I'd still prefer professional politicians, who care little about their public image, but care more about getting the job done. This is what's wrong with our politics today. Its so full of populist bureaucrats who spends more time finding an opportunity for them to make the headlines, rather than work their indolent asses off.

The late Sen. Raul Roco was one of these professional politicians. If it was a competition of public image (which our presidential elections are all about), he would surely loose. But if it was a competition of achievements and performance (which our presidential elections are never about), I tell you he deserved to be the president of this country more than any presidentiables. The reason why I gave him my vote, was not because he made headlines during the Impeachment trial, not because he made a Jose-Pidal expose, not even because of the promise that he brought, but ultimately because of his sense of professionalism. A highly decorated senator who spent most of his time passing important laws on education, feminist rights, and benefits for our public school teachers. During his tenure as the secretary of education, more textbooks were given national high schools, more benefits were given to our public school teachers, and I know some friends and relatives who can attest to this. Of course, he was also once accused of corruption, but he had the courage to do what no other public officials would have. And that is to resign to preserve his honor and the credibility of the institution he worked for, even though the truth of these accusations was never really established. This is the kind of leader that we need. Most of our public officials nowadays cling like leaches to their positions cover their asses, at the expense of the integrity of the institution they represents. Sa Tagalog, mga lehitimong Walanghiya!

To this day no formal charges are filed against him. But I still believe that you can never put a good man down like Raul Roco. I do not now about you people but I will surely feel the consequences of this loss. In a time where good statesmen are endangered species, this is truly a big loss. Lets be realistic here, the sword of a Panday will not save us. The cheesey speeches of Susan Roces will not save us anymore than it will get a famas award. The attempt of our president to kiss the asses of every congressmen will not make this country rise again. This country will rise trough the invaluable contributions of every statesman politician or otherwise. But today we have lost one.

"Now, more than ever, we will miss the qualities of a leader that the country needs," said Herminio Aquino, the late stateman's former running mate. "He is the ideal leader that the country needs right now."

Indeed, guts, intelligence and dignity define the statesmanship of thie soft-spoken man. Although he did participate in the mudslinging that makes up what Philippine politics is today, he seemed to have done it in a manner that does not give any shade of shame in his personality, nor in any institution that he worked for. Perhaps, his name would not be written in bold letters in history books, but the example that he established clearly shows that we, Filipinos, have the potential to be good leaders of our own land, if only we could choose our own leaders wisely.

To the masses he is just a fat guy in a red Hawaiian, sometimes flowery shirt. To the Bicolanos like Ahmad, though, he is a kababayan we are truly proud of. To his colleagues he was one of the best senators the legislature had. To the whole country he was truly a statesman.

Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman, who ran under Roco’s Aksyon Demokratiko party, mentioned Roco was "one politician who in many ways was ‘unpolitical’ because he disdained partisan compromises, did not engage in patronizing gimmickry, avoided petty talk and did not subdue his intellect simply to appear common or popular." This is true. I don't believe most of our politicians are plainly stupid, as most of them have acquired education from highly-acclaimed institutions in the Philippines, and even in the U.S. and Europe. But listen to them whenever they are interviewed on TV. Take for instance Imee Marcos, who said "Ewan ko... hindi magandang pakinggan sa pangalan pa lang," when asked about what she thinks of Con As.

Lagman adds,"Roco was primed for the presidency but was not favored by destiny."

Farewell to you Sen. Raul Roco. Perhaps, it was never your time to be leader of this corrupted state. But at least, you've given this generation a hint of what a true leader should be, or would be, if that day when all becomes better comes.

-Ahmad and Katie


Blogger AKILEZ said...

Senator Roco was a traditional politician. He was quiet but carried a big stick. He was nuetral during the Marcos regime but started to talk back after the great revolt in Edsa.

Thank you for serving our Nation Senator Raul Roco


2:08 AM

Anonymous adel said...

Yes, he was a traditional politician. but he's good at it.

My respects goes to this man. I never really had regrets when I voted him as president.

4:02 AM

Anonymous Kronos said...

I voted for Senator Roco when he ran for President in 1998. He was suppose to be 'The' man for the job. He was a man of integrity and honor. Sadly, only the 'thinking' few supported him and the majority instead voted for an actor.

3:31 PM

Blogger solo flite said...

However way you look at it, Roco's death is a major loss to the Philippines. Sad though, that the masa wont care.

12:17 AM

Blogger Rey said...

I am no Bicolano but I was (and still am) a long-time admirer of the late senator. It's a waste really, he could've done something more to this country...

3:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rey you don't have to be a Bicolano to admire a Bicolano. Why did you have to mention that? That's so narrow.

2:17 AM

Blogger floyd said...



Roco has a good record

hes a good person

but when i talked to him then?

he gave me shit and acted arrogantly

still my better judgment took better of me and i even campaigned for him.

but when he was the first one to bow down and accept defeat even though the counting wasnt finish yet and inspite of all the proven massive election cheating.

afterwards he left the limelight only coming back ranting against the administration when the garci tapes broke out.


sadly i have more respect for frank chavez than him who never waivered in his fight for truth and justice.

but Roco? naah.. he made sickness his reason to stop.

heroes do not back down from a fight even when they are sick.

apolinario mabini
renato constantino sr.

these people even in their beds never stopped and they only did when death took them.

but Roco? he discourages me.


but may his soul rest in peace.

12:15 AM


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