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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


My friend, Marcuz, sent me an email about one experience that is worthy of being featured here in my blog (because we almost have the same sentiments about some points that he mentioned). Read on...


I went to the barbershop for my monthly haircut. Just right across this place is a sari-sari store that also sells pirated VCDs and music CDs. And, of course, to catch the attention of potential customers, it loudly plays music that usually sells in the streets. "Kantang kanto", says my barber, who's quite annoyed by the fact that they can't do the usual barber shop talk that day, just like any other day of their week, because of the loud racket outside.

It would have been ok if they played good music. But my goodness! During my one hour session with my barber, all I heard was a bunch of crappy noise- particularly this tasteless song that was played over and over again...

"May tatlong dear sa loob ng munting kubo,
Si mommy dear, si daddy dear, si baby dear.
Si mommy dear ay marikit,
Si daddy dear ay makisig,
Si baby dear ay napakalikot,
Masdan nyo, masdan nyo,
Ang kyu-kyut nila...."

(This is one song that really stays in your head for the longest time. The worst "last song syndrome" ever.)

Katie, I should tell you- a man's haircut session is supposed to be one guy "holy" thing, but that was the most grueling 30-minute haircut that I had in my entire life!

Honestly, this is the reason why I hate contemporary Filipino music- most of the composers are in just for the money, not for the art, or at least, for making it better. All you can hear on FM radio, if not DJs laughing or talking nonsense or making annoying mimics, or if not revivals of old songs, are songs that depict subconscious malice. I mean, it's a country of amateur bland music!

I don't have an iPod to get away from the "kantang kanto" as my barber puts it. I can't afford it. So everyday, I have to endure whatever it is that you usually hear on jeepneys or on FX taxis. Rarely do I find public utility vehicles playing music from radio stations with professional DJs and good music. Usually, you hear 93.9 DJs blurting out their senseless mwahahas and teeheehees and lousy jokes. No wonder people learn nothing from radio but... ah. Simply nothing.

Anyway, the song goes on and on, with girls sounding like sluts and a lead singer who sings and raps like Bondying (from the days of Jimmy Santos fame). As if steam were to burst out of my nose out of severe aggravation, as soon as haircut's done, I went out of the barber shop, went straigt to the CD store, bought the very same CD that was playing on their stereo, dropped it on the ground in front of the store owner and smashed the CD to pieces.

Luckily, the owner didn't care since he already had my thirty bucks. But seeing all those people on the barber shop just across the street, and the relief that I would never have to listen to that song again are all worth the trouble.


I hear you, Marcuz. I just hope you didn't take a jeepney on your way home. Kelangan pa bang i-memorize yan?!


Blogger Sean said...

> Kelangan pa bang i-memorize yan?!

*Shudders* I hate that phrase.

What does it mean, anyway?

10:37 AM

Blogger Jac said...

actually the song quoted is from a Korean telenovela :)

btw, guess who's in Pilya 18? ;)

12:41 PM

Blogger mungkey said...

hehe, parang narinig ko yan sa tv. yung may sumasayaw na taga korea. hehehe.

1:26 PM

Blogger Katie said...

"Kelangan pa bang i-memorize yan (woot! woot!)
Buhay namin, talagang ganyaaan...
huh?! heee hee heee...."

Hearing that song makes me want to get a hammer and pound the radio to pieces.

So much for anger management. :)

11:35 PM

Blogger floyd said...

i really dont understand why people would hate something just because it doesnt match their tastes.

music is music

just because somebody sings an RnB song from artists such as nelly doesnt mean that persons in.

i mean cmon western music has more crap from violence to unprotected sex!

this is whats sick in our society. we dont realize that our songs reflects our unconscious longing for emancipation from the norm of western adoration.

i was so annoyed then when i listen to these music who people consider as kanto music or bakya. but try living amongst the poor and you would realize that this music is their only source of strength and entertainment.

perhaps thats why we dont understand the masses...

because we cant even understand their music and we never would want to because we dont think that its cool.

it aint english and it aint on MTV.

now i look back and i see myself as a slave to western music.

but when you mature entirely and appreciate music as it is.

there is no such thing as bakya or kanto music anymore.

it is as it is...


12:03 AM


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