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Friday, September 16, 2005

Naruto craze

Naruto is the latest worldwide anime craze after Dragonball, and currently most loved by those who have lived half of their lives watching anime. I've always liked watching anime eversince I first saw Daimos. Wait, is Daimos considered anime? ;-p

I just love Naruto. It's way better than Dragonball, and a bit better than my all-time favorite Hajime no Ippo (better known as "Knockout" in the Philippines). Good character building, good plot, and animation is really smooth. For those who know this series, watch that episode after the death of the 3rd Hokage, where Naruto and Sasuke unleash their true nature in battle. I think it's in the second season, as ABSCBN would refer calling it.

I just love the comedy, too! I also read the manga, but only after I watch the corresponding episode. Indeed, there are a lot of fillers in the anime series that branch out from the manga storyline. This is disapproved by lots of Naruto fans out there. But I so love this series that I even like the fillers. There's just something about the whole story, the apprentice-master and friendship element specifically, that amazes me.

My favorite character here is Tsunade, also known as the 5th. She's got the best character story so far: the path she took to becoming a Sannin to Konoha leader is simply fascinating. One of the famous Sannins, the woman got strength almost comparable to The Hulk. She's also short-tempered, a smartass, loves gambling, bored at work, and considers Japanese-style body spa the ultimate means of relaxation. Another special power that she possesses is the ability to heal. Ah, I wish I live that life. She's over 40, though, according to Jaraiya. Oh, I love Jaraiya second. He's an old pervert who can call big frogs. Teeheehee...

Spoiler alert! Currently, Naruto is being shown on ABSCBN everyday, 5:30pm. It's currently on that part where the Hokage dies. I think Cartoon Network also got the license to feature it, and it has already started with the first two episodes last week. It airs every Saturday, 9:30pm on cable tv.

I'm currently on the 151st episode, and I'm getting the episodes from the Naruto-Kun website ( This is one of the many reasons I love Wednesdays- they upload the newest episodes from Japan every week! You can also download the series soundtrack and manga comics from this site. Try "Go!!!", the fourth intro theme of the series. One of the best! Hurrah for online blessings! How I wish Filipino animation could be THIS good.


Blogger Randy said...

I really like Naruto too. It's not shown on TV in the States (licensing anime in the States is really expensive), but there are enough bittorrent links and fansubs that no one has any problem finding it.

Although the main story is good, I do get a little tired of filler. I mean, how many times do we have to see the Naruto finding a bitter and disallusioned good guy/girl, say something inspiring ("I'm going to be the next Hokage!"), and then saving the day? And they're really stretching the connection of the story to Sasuke. What's next?

TSUNADE: I have a mission for you Naruto. Guard this person.
NARUTO: Who is it?
TSUNADE: He owns the local landramat in Wind Village.
NARUTO: Why?!?!? This is a waste of my time. I want to find Sasuke!!!!
TSUNADE: Well, this laundramat owner has a client, whose sister is married to this farmer who sells vegetables to the market where the person who shops for Sasuke's groceries gets the tofu for his meals.
NARUTO: So if we guard this landramat owner, he might know where Sasuke is! Let's go!


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