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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Wowowee...Why, indeed?

Got this article from Manila Bulletin. Again, as mentined here, there really is something wrong when we see some people at fault go free as if nothing gravely serious really happened. And it's really annoying to see people still supporting them. Are Filipinos really capable of self-inflicted amnesia? Are we people who never learn from our mistakes? Please read on...



If we are to believe the cheerleaders of ABS-CBN, the network brought back "Wowowee" because the public, or at least the loyal fans of the game show have been clamoring for it.

The reasoning reminds us of an incident on the day of the ULTRA tragedy itself: In a live TV interview with Julius Babao, Willie Revillame said that he ‘’wanted to push through with the anniversary celebration of the program because, in spite of the rising death toll outside, the fans inside the venue wanted the show to go on.’’

The logic left a bad taste in the mouth back then, and it continues to do so today.

Saner, more sensitive minds prevailed at ABS-CBN a month ago and the anniversary bash was cancelled. It was the right thing to do.

Unfortunately, the more asinine and crasser instincts of the network seem to have regained the upper hand and "Wowowee" is back on the air. Why? Because the people want it?

Imagine a world where people were given whatever they want. People would not have to work for a living. Children would be on perpetual summer vacation. Pedestrians would never use overpasses. Everyone would eat fatty food. Men would have sex with all the women in short skirts or tight tops they see. The television landscape of such a world would be filled with senseless soap operas, senseless sitcoms and senseless celebrity reality/game shows . . . without even the smidgen of real news we get now. Obviously, what is popular or easy or clamored for is not always right; and a network that puts a program on the air simply because people want it cannot claim to be a responsible broadcaster.

ABS-CBN might counter that there is nothing inherently wrong with "Wowowee." Not only is it a program that people want, they might add, but it is one that provides society with ‘’something good.’’

Here lies the crux of the matter. The investigations and commentaries on the stampede tended to focus on the culpability of the people who failed to prepare for or who mishandled the huge crowd attracted by the program. There were even craven attempts to shift the blame to the victims and to the economy.

Not enough was said, however, about how the show— "Wowowee" itself—should be held responsible for the deaths. Perhaps the concept of "homicide through reckless programming" is facetious, but we daresay that "Wowowee" deserves to be sentenced to death by cancellation.

Whenever we see Revillame, his co-hosts and dancers strutting and cavorting around the same "Wowowee" set as if nothing happened, we cannot help but feel the dull heartache that comes with seeing yet another lesson not learned. When we watch the very same segments airing on the show just as they did before Feb. 4, it is like watching a convicted killer go scot-free.

In our opinion, "Wowowee" debases and corrupts its game participants by encouraging them to perform in ridiculous ways on the show. It rewards greed and unruly behavior in the studio audience. It’s all about the money and it’s every man for himself. The lack of respect displayed by the production for the people around them seems to be echoed in the lack of concern the fans have for their fellow fans. Under the guise of giving people hope, the program teaches sloth and avarice. That other TV shows do the same is no defense. That over 70 people died should have prompted at least the consideration of guilt. Why is it if someone dies at a rock concert, the essential violence of the music is always held partially to blame? Shouldn’t we think when almost a hundred die trying to join a TV show that the TV show is somehow at fault?

ABS-CBN does other things very well. Which is why it is sad to see the entire network tainted by one show. ABS-CBN does not need "Wowowee." Advertisers don’t need "Wowowee." No matter how many people chant "We want Wowowee" outside the studios. ABSCBN can develop a hundred other game shows, much better ones, if it wants to. Why then is "Wowowee" back on the air?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Walang manggagago kung walang magpapagago' is the sad fact of the matter. -Pedro

4:03 PM

Blogger Lothario Art said...

Hear! Hear!

3:54 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

True that it is sad that the stampede happened but its not a reason to ban the show totally. There were mistakes that happened that people need to learn from it and just make sure it doesn't happen again. Banning the show just shoves it under the carpet and to be forgotten after just a few days. without mistakes or failures, there will be no progress. So don't dwell on mistakes, or hide from failures. Learn from it and improve. I also don't agree that a show like this degrades or takes advantage of the people who participates on it. There are a lot of people who are in need and I'm glad that a show like this is giving it the visibility it needs. Honestly, we all have needs but to different degrees. Would we ban a show like The Price Is Right? Or are we, who do have money, are more priviledged to be on game shows because of the mistaken perception that we don't need the money? Just because there is a lot of money or other prizes being given away to poorer folks doesn't mean that its promoting greed or other bad habits. I see it as helping them and giving the visibility that there are people who are in those situations. Especially with this show, there are Filipinos overseas who may not even know what its like for other Filipinos back home if not for this show. So I say, good for those who created this show and had the courage to continue it with the best intentions.

12:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i personally think that giving the contestants money is not the solution to poverty. 500 pesos will not make a difference. neither will 5000! yes, it is a great help and i i admit that they have a very good intention but with the situation of the country today you cant deny the fact that 5000 will be gone in less than 2 weeks! it will not solve or help the poverty in the philippines. i believe there are other ways to help.

i think they should look at the bigger picture. giving a contestant money is good but helping a whole community of squatters will be a bigger help for it will. they want to do good and help the poor, right? why have auditions? that is making their help so unreachable for millions of others out there.

4:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why?Because Wowowee and Mr. Pervert himself is the only best thing that ABS-CBN with their massive amount of cash at their disposal can only offer.

12:41 PM

Anonymous Ms. Aware said...

Here in the U.S. it's so much hard work and when I go home it's only Wowowee that makes me laugh and Katie back off you're just jealous with Willie's success. Willie is our Hero in the U.S. he always reminds us to go back home and help Pinoys in need....maybe you're not aware that Wowowee is promoting Philippine Katie, if you love the Philippines please stop criticising Wowowee and you need to apologize to all who are hurts by your bad comments on Wowowee.....keep in mind everybody makes mistakes. Ms. Aware

4:34 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello everyone,
I'm from USA. I really need some help

1:41 PM


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