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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Like a big sassy fangirl that I am, I went "EEEEE!" the moment I got hold of my new ULTRAELECTROMACNETIC JAM album. It's a collection of old songs by most favorite band in the world, the Eraserheads, performed by hottest bands in towns today. Here's a lineup of what songs to expect in this fabulous package (What an amazing offah!!!!)...

With A Smile - South Border
Ligaya - Kitchie Nadal
Overdrive - Barbie Almalbis
Huwag Mo Nang Itanong - MYMP
Magasin - Paolo Santos
Alcohol - Radio Active Sago Project
Torpedo - Isha
Spoliarium - Imago
Hard To Believe - Cueshe
Maling Akala - Brownman Revival
Superproxy - Francis Magalona
Alapaap - 6Cyclemind
Pare ko - Sponge Cola
Ang Huling El Bimbo - Rico J. Puno
Tikman Ang Langit - Sugarfree
Huwag Kang Matakot - Orange and Lemons
Para Sa Masa - All Star

Although I don't really like Orange and Lemons because of their gasgas song "Pinoy Ako", I love their rendition of "Huwag Kang Matakot" here. I first heard this song in Baguio and reminds me of this special place always.

I also like the new "Superproxy". Aside from Francism's genius, you'd here Ely Buendia in here, too. Goodness, it's been a long time since I last heard his voice over my earphones. (I didn't buy his solo album and that other album with his new band... not that catchy for me.)

"Tikman ang Langit" proves that Sugarfree is the new Eraserheads, the similarities in the style and sounds are undeniable. I heard Ebe's one big E-heads fan, as well. I should say he's doing a great job as a fan- memories keep flowing in whenever his voice airs on my radio- Ah those Quezon Avenue Burger Machine days! LOL!

The Radioactive Sago Project is the best band to play the song "Alcohol". Both witty and funny, even if the song's more than a decade old already.

I'd say the album is a five-star all thumbs up highly recommended collector's item to buy for E-heads geeks like me. I'm glad my Elmo was just on time to catch one of the five last copies in Odyssey. I heard the CDs are selling like pancakes. Shish. That's much like when I bought Cutterpillow. Imagine, they got a platinum three days after the album launch! Too bad, this time, only the company that sells the stuff gets all the revenues. Ely, Raymund, Buddy and Marcus should get back together to get all the credits... again.

Oh my God! Only Markus went to the tribute concert? Bummer. I'm still wishing they would still get together for a one-time deal concert. With all differences set aside, just for the fun of it. One-time lang, that's all this big E-heads fan asks. And after that, I can return to heaven. And they all can get rich again. :)


Blogger scott kho said...

hi, i stumbled upon your blog. very interesting! i love radioactive sago! and i heard the new eheads album's great!

10:16 PM

Blogger Katie said...

Ah... thanks to Arnold Arre for the fabulous pics, by the way.

While I was on my way to work today, I was listening to "Huwag kang matakot". Tears were almost to flow out of my eyes as the song ends. I don't know why.

10:20 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi katie!

like scott kho has said...

interesting blog. i have stumbled upon it as well.

well, just wanna say that...

you have definitely missed half of your life - by missing the concert, that is.

you see...

like most of the people that have gone to see the show...

they knew that marcus adoro was there.


but what they didn't know was that...

ALMOST all the poprock icons were...


just go figure out the one who didn't show up. or...

til here.

2:20 AM

Anonymous ed said...

hey katie. san ka nakabili ng ultraelectromagneticjam album? limited edition ba un?

3:02 PM

Anonymous wong kar wai's # 1 fan said...

pakingsheyet! kinanta ng Cueshucks ang favorite Eheads song ko! Wat-da-ef! Hay. At Paolo Santos, mymp? anong nangyari? ginawang pop na pop! siyet. Kinang kinang hindi maganda ito. 2/5. Buti na lang may sugarfree, radioactive sago project, brownman revival. At in fairness sa poser na walang dangal na orange and lemons bumagay ang "HUwag kang matakot". Pero ang Cueshucks? Puk*****a Hmp. I am so angry. I detest that sonobavitch. Panget. Sana magrelease ang NU ng sarili nilang Eheads compilation with Fine Time, Minsan, Slomo at Shake yer head in it. I can go on and on pero wala ring mangyayari. Dahil jan bibilhin ko lang naalbum eh pirata tutal mga wala namang kwenta ang bands na nandito except of course Sugarfree, RASP, Imago at brownman revival. At nakanamputs pati Sponge cola andito? Damn! Favorite band ko ang Eheads of all time. Pero these are the bands/artist I hate:
Cueshucks, Spongecola, Orange and lemons, paolo santos, 6 cyclemind, southborder at kitchie nadal. Do you picture how I detest this album. I should murder myself. I change my mind 1/5/.

8:34 PM

Anonymous adel said...

yeah i must say Cueshe's rendition of Hard to Believe" simply sucks.

11:25 AM

Blogger ian_casanas said...

my faves in the album:

paolo santos' magasin, pinahanga nya ako dun ah...

syempre yung alcohol ng sago, galing talaga ni lourd!!!

imago's spolarium

at tikman ng sugarfree

'langya, bakit ba nasali pa ang cueshe

2:54 PM

Anonymous cate said...

hi katie. this is cate. pasensiya na sa kulet. i borrowed your entry as to feature what exactly happened sa concert. hope you won't get mad with me. there's a thin line between those paragraphs about cueshe? hala! palpak ba, kasi naman cuesheans are from cebu, tama ba?
i missed the concert, but i look for the cd. songs namin nung high school almost lahat ng kanta ng eheads..haay
thanks again.

8:02 AM


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