screw the status quo. we need change and we need it now. we need not a leader who plays with words and public funds. we need not a leader whose years of service fall under the 'fiction' category. we definitely need not a leader who knows nothing. we require a leader who has conviction, who has the guts to change the seemingly unchangeable. we need... to prepare for 2007. Now.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

On Leave

HatePhilippines is going to rest for a while for the meantime, mainly because I'll be busy with real-time work and writing for our next big project- Wicked Fate. Don't worry, guys. After doing the kickoff, HatePhilippines will be back in business. Meanwhile, I'll be collecting all good ideas in mind for my next entry here. To my avid readers, you can still email me at

But before I take a long vacation, here are my thoughts for the latest issues in the Philippines today:

1. EVAT. Yes, it's a solution. But a bad one. They say it's good for the economy, and the results are getting obvious as days pass by. The question still is: Who's economy are they talking about? I'd say it's a solution, yes, but a bad one. There are better solutions out there which the government obviously ought not to choose because of certain limitations set by the corrupted system. It's like it's better to take money from the little people than to jeopardize the truces that they have already made with the big ones. The best solution in the list would be to really enhance the collection of taxes, but can they really go against the interest of these big people who, in the first place, had financed their victory in the last elections? The answer is obvious.

If it's a solution, how come the common Filipinos can only afford two meals a day now? How come small businesses are closing amidst claims that they are exempted from the added taxes? How come middle class people who needs transportation for daily trips to work are forced to deal with the stress of public transport now? How come most employees of factories prefer not to take miryendas but just wait for them to get home with empty stomachs? Yes, they promise that this solution will manifest good result in years to come, but we're all fed up with empty promises. Besides, if all has to take part in the sacrifice, how come they don't take part in it? Oh look at Mr. Arroyo feeding his cute cute grandchild. I bet that's a hundred thousand bucks a spoonful!

2. The presidency was once a job of honor, dignity and credibility. Every child would want to be the president of the country decades ago. If you'd base it on the Bible, it would mean that it's a tough job, as the highest of the leaders should be the lowest and most dedicated of the servants. Does it apply here now? Nope. Prestige may come with the position, but credibility? Nah. Would you want to run for the position because of pure intentions of just wanting to serve the country? Nah. The position has been blemished with too much corruption, no one who lives by principles would want it. If you want to get rich, yes, go ahead and run for president. It's the best way to spend money, go around the world, talk to famous people, eat expensive food, provide economic growth for your kamag-anaks, give way for political ambitions of your children and grandchildren, go surfing in Boracay without really taking away cash from your own pocket. It's service, yes. High quality self-service.

But what happens after the term, or after the people have decided that they're already fed up with how imbecile the current presidency is? They are left with nothing but their excessive earnings. The name is totally ruined, the only choice they have for their next days here is to let them be judged by the people, or get out of the country and spend the rest of their lives there. In the case of Gloria, is there honor and dignity left for them after her term? I think this is the reason why she's almost begging the Congress to have the parliamentary government idea push through. After her term, what? No more peace of mind because, for sure, accusations of corruption and bad leadership will come from all sides. Fatass husband and son has no where to go but outside the country, even now as the mother's term has not yet ended. Where will they be after the regime? In the Bahamas, laughing out loud at as.

3. Gloria's telling the media to stop showing bad news, and start concentrating on good news. Mada'am president, there's no good news to tell, so what the heck are you talking about? Think of it this way: 75% of Filipino families have TV sets in their homes. They can spend with their salary enough only for two meals a day and a decent set of clothes. They worry much on how to pay for their electricity and water bills. They worry much on how to budget their small earnings against the rising prices of commodities, they worry much about their safety and security when they go out, and when they do go out, they deal with daily corruption and bad service in their local government agencies and law enforcement bureaus who provide their other basic needs, they see that almost all people that they know deal with the same daily predicaments... then all they will hear in the news is that the Philippine economy is getting better, the country is getting rich, no more crime in the streets, nothing more about corruption and what really happens out there. What? Are we converting daily news to fantaserye, too?

Besides, broadcasting companies in the Philippines have always been focused on politics. It's no-news for them if they focus only on the economy. Do good, tame your husband, and avoid evil influences, Gloria, and you'll get what you wish for. For now, as long as Mr. Bunye's not doing well in denying all your subordinate's misdeeds, you can expect more of those dirty news about MalacaƱang. :)

4. Pinoy Big Brother. It's a fad that's conquering not only the Philippines, but also the US and Europe. Sosyal, di ba? At least we get in line with these big bullies when it comes to entertainment. But have you seen Pinoy Big Brother in Europe? It's like watching live porn at midnight. Don't get me wrong, people. I don't watch this show. I just heard it from guys who email me, although I'm beginning to think I'd want to try watching one episode as patikim lang. teeheehee...

Thing is, ABS-CBN is a genius when it comes to gathering revenues. It has the ability to turn any fad into a big money machine. Have you thought of how much the company earns everyday just from Pinoy Big Brother's text/download business? Millions, I'd say. It's really easy money once you've caught the Pinoy's taste. And yes, again, ABS-CBN is good at it.

5. Car jacking, cowboy style. I have a friend who became a victim of this mindless crime. You drive in Ortigas at 2pm (yes, in the middle of the day!), men armed with armalites block your way, and the next thing you know, you're on your way walking to the nearest presinct to report the unfortunate event, without your car, without your money. But for my friend, the nightmare was not over. After putting details in the blotter, it seems that the case just went to nothing. After checking on the case, she would go home in tears as she feels nothing is being done to have these carjackers tracked down. Worse is that, the next week, she saw an ad in one of her yahoogroups saying a car with the same specs is for sale for only around 50 thousand bucks. I'd say these people would not have the guts to do it unless they have backup from either the military or from the police. And the latest operation against it that was all shown on TV? Could be another Kuratong-Baleleng case, all for show, and I pity those who were sacrificed just to have the name of the authorities saved from further shame.

That's all for now, folks. Tune in next month for more of my outrageous thoughts on everything that has to do with Philippine politics! Merry Christmas, everyone! *MWAH!*


Blogger AKILEZ said...

I have no comment with your new posting because it is True. My Parents just arrived from Pangasinan now living in Boston. The complaint is as much as similar to you. I Just don't understand our country for now.

All the good people who died for our rights to live a better life is in questions.

You mentioned that you have to leave for awhile. That's okay! the readers of your blog will be waiting for you. You have been a great for news and updates about our Beloved Country The Philippines. Tolerated Ugly cooments from your readers but still able to accept those negativity and continue your effort to tell the world How our people are living and suffering day by day.

We need more people like you to speak out to represent the Filipino poor because they are too busy trying to survive in the streets of Metro Manila and all over the Philippines.

I think Ahmad can take over for now if you're away. He has a voice like you and guts to tell the truth. May your project and work be successful. I think your boss or bosses will not be disappointed with you.

God Bless the Philippines and Mabuhay!!! TAKE CARE

11:43 AM

Blogger Katie said...

Thanks achilles. That was truly heart-warming.

See? I told you the Ortigas case was a big rubout! I was watching the news and, OMG, I saw this UNTV video of heartless TMG men slaughter those almost lifeless people point-blank!!
What registered to me are the following:

1. TMG men shooting men point-blank.
2. These men had no more means of fighting back since they're already severely wounded.
3. They should have been brought to the hospital, they should have let them recover from their wounds to face trial.
4. The TMG men obviously planted evidences (plates of carnapped vehicles, a gun on one of the killed alleged criminal) just to show people the contrary of what was shown on the unTV video (men opening the door of the car, TMG men somewhat putting "something" in the car after the gunfire).
5. Angelo Reyes proudly presents all these as a "successful" operation, so "successful" would mean having all criminals executed without trial.

No matter if they are criminals or not, they deserve due process, and what they did was definitely inhuman!

And the efforts to cover up the spine-chilling scenes are totally unacceptable. This goes to show that amidst obvious evidences that is shown to us Filipinos, people from the government still consider us small-minded people with no means to process these events and will always believe in all the lies that they say. They believe that they will always get away with their kalokohan! They are totally wrong! We have small voices, but we know what they are doing! And I condemn it!

What does this mean? That they can use anyone, criminal or the innocent, to clean their names or prove something that they need people to believe to? They have the license to kill just because they could control what people are thinking about them?

These people shold be persecuted, I should say, for not letting the people they killed prove if they're innocent or not, for not fearing God and the consequences of their heinous acts, and for using their positions as means to justify their own selfish ends.

To Angelo Reyes, you and your men may have covered up lots of dirty stinkin cases by this administration. But it's obvious you're getting old in the business, as the people are getting smarter everyday, I think you guys oughtta change your ways, as well!

12:27 PM


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