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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Parang Sirang Plaka

There are certain signs that say we Filipinos, as a society, never learn from our mistakes.

We encounter natural disasters in a large scale yearly due to typhoons, landslides and earthquakes, we should have learned how to cope up with it, or at least minimize the loss of properties and lives. I don't know if it's due to overpopulation or poverty. Everytime a typhoon strikes, for instance, people from places we know are hotspots are always affected, whereas these people know that living in those places are quite dangerous. Also, most of us get really stubborn at times, insisting on staying where danger is to protect properties, yet endangering our very own lives. I guess it's due to the fact that losing property nowadays means almost losing everything. However, the government is much as fault here- for not teaching these people how to deal with these natural calamities every year. People will not return from these places, or at least, they will be cautious, if they are aware of the dangers they are facing. Information dissemination seem to be the essential factor in preventing damage caused by natural disasters- a fact that the government never seems to learn.

We endure the same political problems everyday. "Parang sirang plaka", like they say. Daily news wouldn't be complete without news about corruption, mudslinging, tsismis... basically information that people from the lower ranks wouldn't care for since we got our own problems to settle everyday. Whereas the solution is easy, to get away from bad politics, vote wisely- vote for those whom you think would give us at least something new for the next four years. Well, I guess this is one clear explanation why we, Filipinos, never learn from our past mistakes. We vote to higher positions clones of evil elements from the past, like Microsoft Marcos version 2.0, Adobe Erap 1.5, or Corel Imelda (the male version).

Filipinos got this tendency to get fixated to something where nothing good is to be learned. Take for example, gameshows. What do we learn from these crap? No, don't tell me we learn daily trivias that we can use daily. How on earth can we use information such as the first music CD ever made being Billy Joel's in our daily struggles? Filipinos do not learn how to strive through creative means like studying or starting up a good business in game shows. We learn nothing in gameshows but to rely on luck. And oh boy! What a means for most of our poor countrymen to cling on during these difficult times- to the point that they make it their only way of life, their only hope.

Gameshows, as they are, aren't stupid. In the US, they put it in primetime since most people coming from work find this entertaining, thus, boosting ratings for TV networks if you've got good or new concept for intellectual gaming. Put it in noontime slots, and there you got a network money machine that's good not only to boost ratings, but also to give false hopes of getting rich from scratch. Are these shows intellectual? Except "Game Ka Na Ba?", nope. Getting laughs from these shows remind me of getting laughs from a 1990s show "Tropang Trumpo", specifically that segment named "Battle of the Brainless". Let's face it, for these shows, making the contestants look stupid is pure entertainment. Demeaning and insulting, I should say. Too bad the contestants themselves aren't aware of it at that moment, while on TV.

Yesterday, I saw Willie Revillame again dancing and singing on TV. The untalented sack of tasteless ideas is back. I don't know why ABS-CBN insists on making him stay on TV, or what they see in this guy that make them believe that he's a good contribution to the Filipino society. To me, he symbolizes something: that big TV networks like ABS-CBN ignore the responsibility of being essential media for change in the society. Although unlikely and not in itself good, TV seems to be a good vehicle for societal reform- from it Filipinos easily learn and believe things they see on TV, since Filipinos are already boobtube addicts. (Even the poorest family requires a TV at home.) This, sadly, big networks ignore. Instead, they go for ratings. No matter how stupid a show could be, as long as it gets ratings, it gets the good timeslot. So what do you see on TV at noontime, targetting most kids from school and housewives? Wowowee and Eat! Bulaga. How about primetime? Telenovelas and Korean novelas. Where are the good shows? Morning and late night, when most are snoring or doing something else. If you don't have cable, you're doomed to these shows when you get home from work.

The return of Wowowee signifies that we, Filipinos, never learn from our mistakes. When I saw this show go live again yesterday, with people in the audience smiling and prancing around as if 80+ people didn't die for the false hopes that it brings never happened. I pity the families affected by this horrible tragedy- the society where they belong is on it's way to forgetting their loss. We can forgive the people involved in the accident, I believe that they didn't intend to have people suffer from such a tragic fate. But they should have learned from this tragedy that they teach nothing but mendicancy to these people. They should have taken this chance to lead a paradigm shift in Philippine TV- realizing that it is much better to teach people means for livelihood, rather than means to false hopes. Or at least, they should have acknowledged that the loss of these families mean that they can not go back again.

Seeing ABS-CBN talents, or to use their term- kapamilya, build up Wowowee's name also shows something really bad about most Filipino families. To put it in Tagalog: Pagtatakpan natin ang pagkakamali ng isang kapamilya, para sa kapakanan ng mismong pamilya.

Admit it. Seeing Wowowee on TV again makes one feel weird- as if there is something wrong about it. I'd say it's entirely wrong (and retarded, I should say. Teeheehee.) I'd say don't watch this show, but will I be heard? Most likely, the show would go on until another tragedy strikes, knock on wood. Until then, suffer the wrath of Willie Revillame's good for nothing crap.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

u know katie....ur one of the parang sirang plaka....ur no different from any other whose always trying to make criticisms... ur comment regarding game ka na ba is so stupid...i dont think players dont look stupid during the game...because they just simply believed that they are talented...ur comments are quite negative...grrrrr

5:36 PM

Anonymous benign0 said...

I already wrote many times about how indicative it is of our society's regard for human life that we have since relegated a tragedy of such mind-numbing scale as the last mudslide - 1,300 PINOYS BURIED ALIVE - to nothing more than a footnote in our history.

And yet POLITICS the kind which hardly kills anyone (just mindless chattering) continues to make the front pages of our papers.

Check out the PCIJ blog. Nothing but hollow-headed speculation and political gossip mongering.

It's like we'd rather sweep the 1,300 soul tragedy under the rug (just like we did others of equal scale) and get on with that favourite Pinoy business of political intrigue.

12:09 PM


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