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Friday, February 24, 2006

True heroism remembered

Here I am again, shedding sad tears. But not because of a lost love or I'm missing friends from home, although it's typical for me specially if my Elmo would know about it. He knows that watching or remembering something about EDSA 1986 is a sobbing moment for me.

It's not because I was part of the event. I was just 6 then, and actual memories of me actually being there are somewhat blurred now already. What's clear to me was my father's face when he finally went home in the evening of February 27, 1986, with great news that it was finally over, that "at last, we're finally free!" My dad was part of the crewmen who almost got blasted in Radio Veritas Malolos in the eve of the revolution. My mom and I were really worried at that time. After the sabotage, they went straight to EDSA right after hearing news in Radyo Bandido (Remember their opening song "Mambo Magsaysay"? I used to sing that when I was a kid.) that people were really getting big by the number- which was a big sign that the people are restless. Sabi nga, "Tama na! Sobra na!..."

Come to think of it, it's because I was not part of that event, or I didn't feel "it" since I was just so young then. I missed the only event in this generation's history where people showed real and undeniable heroism. I missed that part of history where people became instruments of God's miracle, and with the whole world witnessing it. I am crying because the only history na naabutan ko would be that one which I wouldn't boast to my future children.

Everything's just screwed up in our country today. False beliefs becoming basis for justification, money and power over truth, dignity and honor, selfishness over sacrifice, oligarchy, corruption... these are what defines our politics and our times. And I'm ashamed of it.

I left the country many months ago still with hopes that everything would still turn out fine. The economy was somewhat showing good signs of progress amidst the painful truth that the foundations are still established by dirty, sometimes seemingly unlawful means, deceiving people that all means are for the better, whereas the better only reaches the few, particularly just the rich few. In the long run hopefully, I once convinced myself, good results would be felt by the poor.

But the poor are already restless. And this is the kind of restlessness where there are no feeling of hope left, not unlike in EDSA 1986 that, due to a clear goal to terminate dictatorship in the country, people still had something to look forward to. There was Cardinal Sin, Mrs. Cory Aquino, the spirit of Ninoy backing them up. Today, the only thing that drives them to the streets are empty stomachs and ignored but seeping anger against the government that betrays them eversince EDSA 2001.

Gloria should have known that Filipinos get angrier when provoked. Declaring the state of emergency, barricading the MalacaƱang grounds and boasting that her galamays are still loyal to her wherever TV channel you switch to just tells people that she's been up to something, she's getting paranoid, and she's doing everything to keep herself on her seat. By prohibiting the freedom of speech and expression on the streets right during the 20th celebration of the EDSA 1986 revolution just proves that we in EDSA 2001 made a big mistake in letting her declare herself as president. (I still vividly recall that we in the frontlines of the crowd booed Gloria, specially his pig husband Mike who then was smiling like a sponsor who just won the lotto, on the last day, when she took oath as president of the Philippines. Of course, that wasn't heard on TV. We were cheering for Davide for a transitional government first, aside from jailing Erap... but that's another story.) Anyway, looking at her face while declaring the state of emergency on TV, I couldn't help it but to see the same face when she said "I'M... SORRY." Although she seems to be in a limbo thinking that people might have forgotten about it, maybe she should consider quitting TV appearances and just shift to radio. (Of course, she should not start her statements with "hello,..." there.)

CNN covered a hint of this event during it's afternoon news program. This gave somewhat a perspective of Philippine history from 1986 till now from people outside the country. A Hongkong political analyst says nothing much has changed since the 1986 revolution, which contradicts the word "revolution" itself because it simply means a drastic change in the system. In summary, the report said people are still poor, dreams are still dreams and bad elements of the society (oligarchy, corruption, dirty politics, poverty, etc) that should have been eradicated are still there. Of course, people would say "heh... what do they know about our country?" But why does it feel that there's a big, although not whole, truth to it?

I turned to another Pinoy channel after that, which was then featuring a historical (and touching) review of the 1986 EDSA revolution. Upon seeing those pictures of people, rich or poor, religious and politicians, young and old with hopefull eyes and strong sense of patriotism in them, tears just rolled out from my eyes again. Where's this undaunted, unblemished love of country now? In the midst of daily struggle, it seems that the people have already almost forgotten what it truly means. But it's a good thing that there are still a very few who has this fire within their hearts. I pray for their safety and for their fire to keep burning till the day comes when everyone, poor and selfish, get what we deserve.

Mabuhay and EDSA 1986! Mabuhay ang EDSA DOS!


Anonymous joyfulchicken said...

And Gloria decides to give democracy the finger right on the 20th anniversary of the People Power Revolution. Nice.

If Pontius Pilate possessed half the sense of ironic timing that Gloria does, he would have had Jesus Christ crucified on Christmas Day.

3:28 AM


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