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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Ahmad's Say on Exodus

Merry Christmas everyone! I really missed writing for probably a million years already. Well a lot of things came up these past few months. I had a new job, I stopped watching the news because I was fed up with the same sick sad story of Philippine Politics, but the one that really got to me was the condition of my mother’s health. She had been showing a lot of symptoms of digestive disorder, and these past few months we feared that it was serious. These past few months I have spent every time I could, praying that its not cancer. And a few days ago I received the greatest Christmas gift any son in my shoes would want more than anything. The doctors confirmed that there was no tumor or anything like it. She was just not getting any younger anymore, which is why she has to watch her diet. So with this regard let me say that GOD is great! And I pray that she does not make anymore trips in the hospital for the next 30 years.

Anyway, please bear with me, I’m still struggling with a little bit of writer’s block, so lets see how this works.

There are only two kinds of personalities that I hate in this country. First are the politicians, for a bunch of pretty obvious reaso is, and the second would of course be the showbiz people. DISCLAIMER: Those were general statements. Just because I hate showbiz personalities in general, it really does not follow that if Mr. X is an actor I hate him. But if Mr. X happens to be an action-star-turned-senator, then that makes my generalization a bit narrower. If Mr. X’s name happens to be Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. a.k.a “Alyas Pogi”, then that makes my statement specific. If Mr. X, despite of being a public official on the national level, is still active in TV and movies just as any regular showbiz people are, then that makes my statement very specific. In which case you can therefore very much conclude that I hate his guts. I mean, lets face it this guy is seen on TV more than any action star in this country is. Not only that, somehow he always manages to have a movie entry to almost every annual film festival there is. Produced by himself, and starring himself of course. So what then makes him different from any other regular showbiz people? Come on I bet not Vilma Santos, nowadays, manage to make appearances as much as Sen. Revilla does. Anything wrong with that? Uhm….. let me see… you happen to be a public official at the national level…… there are certain codes of ethics, decorum, and proper behavior that a public official should follow. And most of all public office is a full-time job, most especially on the national level. Which, gets me thinking how exactly did this guy prepare for this full time job? Is he even aware of what he is doing?

A couple of months ago, his buddy Rudy Fernandez, and Alma Moreno got deported from Japan. For those of you who travel, you should know how strict are immigration laws, in first world country. But due to an irregularity in their travel documents, the immigration officers of Japan opted to deport both of them. Was that a little bit of a harsh decision? Its their country, and they want to keep it safe, after all you have the right to deny a guest from entering your own house if you don’t trust them. But note, that these two were deported not because Japanese people were racial. So back these two came, and what does Rudy Fernandez bitch about? That he does not intend to set foot in Japan….. and that Japanese officials were so rude to him, as if it was “Panahon ng mga Hapon”. Well first of all Mr. Rudy “daboy” Fernandez, who the hell are you threatening? If you didn’t like Japan, why waste your time applying for a visa anyways? You think they are going to miss a lot, just because you decided never again to set foot in the soil of Japan? Dude they do not exactly give red carpet treatment to “daboy” of Philippine cinema. And second of all, its always “Panahon ng mga Hapon” every minute that you are in Japan Duh! Boy I am I starting to believe the stereotype about action stars (That their sense of Machismo is inversely proportional with their IQs). In short Rudy “daboy” Fernandez, has no other issue but his injured bloated action star ego. Which also means that most probably Alma Moreno is pissed of that the Japanese people did not acknowledge the “Tannga Queen” of Philippine showbiz. But not to worry Sen. Ramon Revilla Jr. to the rescue tantanaaaaaaaaan! (Sing) Here he comes to save the daaaaaaaaaaaay! Apparently he wanted to involve the senate in an investigation over the incident. Oh come on! The issue was not even racial, they were not deported for being Filipinos. They were deported because of a faulty travel document that resulted from a bad misunderstanding, between their travel agent and the Japanese consulate office. But where is Sen. Revilla’s involvement on our hardworking OFWS, who don’t get their due wages and benefits? For those ordinary Filipinos who get discriminated in various country merely for being Filipinos? For those who are unlawfully arrested, and can’t even be given legal aids by our embassies all over the world? What does he care? But when it comes to saving the shattered action star ego of his “kumpare”, he is even willing to go as far as using the resources of the senate to file a diplomatic protest against the Japanese government? Oh I got an Idea, why don’t he dress up in a brown leather jacket and a cowboy hat, then in front of the media he can go “Junichiro Koizumi! Anak ka ng Teteng!”? That oughta scare the Japanese prime minister off his boots.

A DepED officer in the Bicol Region, released a lecture primer for elementary and high school students regarding the very important responsibility of voting. In that Primer, it was stated, that these students should promise NEVER TO VOTE FOR ACTORS/ BASKETBALL PLAYERS OR THE LIKES THEREOF WHO DO NOT KNOW THEIR JOBS. Now I will give ten bucks and a pizza to that someone who can convince me that there is something wrong with what she said. I mean the truth hurts that the only reason that people vote for the likes of Alyas Pogi, is not necessarily because the people think that he they know their job, but merely because they are popular. And what happens then? The quality of our legislature degrades. In a response to this problem, This DepED leader is doing what every teacher should do, educate their student’s to become wise voters. As a result of this, do they get commendation? No Apparently Sen. Jingoy Estrada, and Sen. Revilla used their privilege speeches to bully this DepED officer in front of national TV. But why am I not surprised? After all both senators are protecting their investments. And the nerve of this Sen. Revilla to read the provisions of the constitution to justify his existence in the senate. The MINIMUM requirement to be a CANDIDATE is for someone to be of right age, Filipino citizen, and able to read and write. But the requirement for someone to hold a seat in the senate (in other words to be elected as a senator) is decided by the voting public, and that requirement should ideally extend beyond able to read and write. Did somebody explain this to him anyway?

But what really cooks my goose nowadays is seeing Sen. Ramon Revilla, dressing up like Conan the Barbarian, so he can parade his ass all over manila, to get the people to watch his pathetic excuse for a premature campaign for re-election. Why does this guy have a movie entry in this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival? Not just any movie, a high production movie. Ok so maybe Senators, get a break in between Congresses, but shouldn’t he spend it preparing for the next one? Doesn’t the Job of a public official extend beyond the session halls? Doesn’t he have other responsibilities to attend to aside form being present in every congress? Surely, this job of his is hectic, given that there is much work to be done to pull this country out of the gutter, how does he have the stamina to not only appear in the taping of his sitcom, but make movies as well? Man I wanna get the multivitamin that he is using! I’m asking all this questions as a tax-paying citizen. Does he actually think that being a senator is just a role that he plays, so when he is out of the session halls of the senate he also ceases to be a public official? I know that Senator Revilla once said that the pay of a senator is not that much. But if he will be allowed to do his television show, he gets to support his family? How much does a senatorial candidate spend in a national election? 30 maybe 70 million? If there is any truth to that statement of his, then how come he still manages to produce multimillion movies in Dolby digital? Why did the senate president attend the premiere night of his movie, in the first place? Does he encourage this kind of behavior amongst his colleagues? Think about it, do you think Tony Blair would get the respect he is enjoys right now, if he made a cameo appearance in “The Matrix Trilogy”, or even Star wars? For a tax paying citizen, this behavior of those that I count on, to protect and defend the constitution and uphold the legislature, is very disturbing. Lets face it, nobody can serve two masters at the same time. Oh well at least we know now what Sen. Revilla does beyond congress, and bet your ass its not exactly public service….. Unless you consider giving away free movie passes to the tax paying citizens, an act of public service.

Mr. Revilla, obviously you love the movie making business so much, you are willing to compromise the reputation of the Philippine senate for it. We don’t intend to take that love away from you. But please spare the senate. There are many ways to help this country without running for public office. Build foundations to put street children to schools. Encourage your brothers in the industry to pay proper taxes. Most of all please Exodus the Revilla clan out of Philippine politics…. Especially on the national level. Because quite frankly, we already had enough of the Revilla Syndrome. -Ahmad


Anonymous Anonymous said...


i like reading your blog and the way you hate the philippine politics and all the politicians running the old country. i hate them too over here in the stateside. i can't stand them all. i have this one burning question i want to ask you to enlighten me in a big way. "why do all the filipino folks back there always vote for an actor or an actress for president, senate or congress?"
it doesn't make sense why the filipino folks back there want someone to run the country with no
education background or politic experience. this is making me scratch my head for a long time...eheheh.


9:21 AM

Blogger jessb3 said...

Hi Katie,

I came across your website and I have to admit I admire your strong femininity in exposing rotten politics in the Philippines. I absolutely agree with you 100 percent that those politicians, you mentioned in your blog does not deserve to be working as public servants. In fact, 95% of politicians,including cabinet members in the Philippines are all fake public servants, pretty much like stupid actors. Former Senator Jovito Salonga (one fine Politician by the way)critized congressmen using cell phone, doing txt messaging while there is an ongoing session at the Capitol in all view of the public.

Katie, please continue your fight against this rotten politics in the Philippines and I will continue to support you in anyway.

thanks and god bless.

Somerset, NJ

3:31 AM


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