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Monday, December 12, 2005


Lies, lies, lies. It's quite annoying to think that some people would still go for lies for attention's sake, even if it sounds ridiculous, even if it would make one look ridiculous. It's even more annoying to think that these people do get the attention that they want.

I'm talking about Garci, of course.

His name will be written as one of the dirtiest names in Philippine history, but it seems he doesn't care. I pity his children and grandchildren, as their grandpa's will be considered as a big glitch, their surname as a big joke. The joke's not even funny anymore. It's simply irritating. He should have kept himself in exile, since the truth about the issue in which he is involved is nowhere to be found nowadays anyway.

But the joke keeps going on and on, and is getting very irritating as days go by. The joke got worse, too- the latest is that he's denying that it's his voice on the Garci tapes. If it's common for Philippine politicians to think Filipinos would believe in such crap, then he's already overdoing it. What a jerk.

What's more aggravating is that this ridiculous lie technique still captures attention. Come to think of it, Garci the political slut should be behind bars now. The evidence is obvious. There might be slight inconsistencies (very slight) on the claims regarding the female voice in the Garci tapes, but was there anyone who thought it's not Garci's voice on the other end? "Hello Garci..." It's already a given, for crying out loud!

But look at him, sitting in Congress, backed up by pro-government congressmen, and who knows, he's now having a great time in some first class hotel in Makati. I wonder if I would also get that privilege if I side with the government? Nah, it's not worth it.

Ah well, I've got a joke better than Garci here.

If his name is Dash, and he is one of the Incredibles, would that mean his name is Dash Incredible?

The joke's really funny the first time I heard it. But oh well, forgive me if the delivery is THAT bad. Teeheehee...


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