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Saturday, May 13, 2006

DOJ goes senile.

Nuff said... but here's more.

"I hope they'll go the mountains. That's where they belong."

So what does Sec. Gonzales of the Department of Justice mean here?

What would our fellow Filipinos from the Cordilleras and Cagayan Valley say about this These are places where geniune Filipino culture was established, and this is were it still lives on. What is it with mountains and trash that got stuck in the rotting minds of people like the DOJ secretary?

Whenever I see this guy on TV, I get reminded of the likes of Miriam Defensor Santiago. They used to be good examples in the system. Why do these people let themselves and their dreams go to waste? Does that prove how strong the hunger for money/power is in this country?

Be warned, young Jedis. The dark side still reigns in the Philippines.

My dad's comment about Gonzales: "Parang action star kung humirit. Huwag na lang sana s'yang magsalita kung wala syang matino't matinong sasabihin."


Anonymous Lio said...

You sure have a flare for the dramatic katie. When someone tells you you're barbaric, does he mean to insult barbarians? When someone tells you, you act like an animal, does he meant to degrade animals? Of course not; we all know what the Secretary meant when he said “Mamundok na lang kayo” And correct me if I'm wrong; I think the Sec. was just responding to the threat of the B5 that “Mamumundok na lang daw sila, dahil pinag-iinitan daw sila”. If you watched “Debate” last thursday, a majority of viewers (almost 80%) voted “Yes: the Sec was right when he said “Mamundok na lang kayo” Now can you honestly say those 80 percent of Filipinos who voted yes where Ifugao bashers?

Mr. Gonzales' statements are not as complicated as Tool's lyrics, and should be taken with a grain of salt.
I know the good Secretary talks really sloooooow, and maybe a bit senile, but what? You got something against people who are physically or mentally infirm with old age? Of course not :-)

2:33 PM


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