screw the status quo. we need change and we need it now. we need not a leader who plays with words and public funds. we need not a leader whose years of service fall under the 'fiction' category. we definitely need not a leader who knows nothing. we require a leader who has conviction, who has the guts to change the seemingly unchangeable. we need... to prepare for 2007. Now.

Monday, February 09, 2004

my thoughts for today... hmmm...

1. You are not enjoying your job when you spend two or more hours of your weekend reading the classified ads, hoping that you'd find a better one. Get the picture, elmo?

2. Campaign period for presidentiables and senatoriables is almost 30 minutes away. I guess I'd be hearing more campaign jingles and stuff that will surely be clogging in my ears until May. Good thing I always have my CDman with me. Oh... did I mention I'm back in the Philippines again? Well... kakainip kasi sa States, walang masyadong political mayhem. hahaha!

3. I saw Agot Isidro in OK Fine! Whatever tonight. Goodness! She hasn't changed since the last episode of Oki Doki Doc! I have a crush on Ms. Isidro, actually. Which makes Elmo really go "ewww..." everytime we talk about it. If I'm going to be a lesbo, I'd prefer Ms. Isidro as my girlfriend. Another weird thing is that my elmo got a big crush on Ms. Agot, too! He even still has her "Everyday" cassette hidden in his aparador. In fairness, we both love "Everyday" and "Sa Isip Ko" from that album. Oh... and "Sandali na Lang"! Very cute song. Agot has this unique malambing voice kasi, says my elmo. Yep. I know, Elmo. I see you sigh everytime you hear her sing. Much more whenever you see her on TV. I can imagine you dreaming about Agot again. Hmmm... sabayan kaya kita? HAHAHA! Ewww elmo. Eww.

4. Somebody from UA&P wrote me an email about the site. Right now, she's involved in a campus project that aims to help fellow students gain more info and awareness about the election process, our duty to vote, and to know whom to vote first before doing this duty. I'm glad to know that UA&P is not actually filled with people who are oblivious of what's really going on out there, like others would say. To these people, keep it up and let's save the Philippines!

5. I REALLY NEED TO UPDATE THE WEBSITE. I REALLY HAVE TO CHANGE THE NAME. I'm still thinking whether to change even the website address (hatephilippines) if I'm going to change the name of the site itself, or retain the website address and just put a new title in the index page. Ah well... gotta think fast. May is fast approaching.

6. I got this short chat with Al dela Paz. He's a Filipino working in Hollywood as Computer Technical Manager or something beginning 2001. His family is left in the Philippines. His wife, a doctor, is currently pursuing a Nursing degree cuz we all know how nurses do in the States better than doctors. It's quite weird that nowadays, Medicine, as a college degree, has turned into a pre-Nursing course. (I got the pun from the speech of the current UP Manila Chanecellor during the commencement address last year.) Sabi nga, baligtad na ang mundo.

7. My eyes hurt whenever I see those showbiz people showing their support for FPJ. We see them sitting there, all smiles, as if expecting blessings from their showbiz colleague and so-called President Poe if he wins the next elections. Yes, that's what they all are- blood suckers. FPJ actually is surrounded by blood-suckers and vultures. Showbiz people bloodsuckers, all hungry for unique priviledges to come when FPJ wins. Vultures like Angara, Legarda and Sotto who wait for their prey to die a slow death, before consuming every bit of power he has. Nice analogy, eh?

8. We should not vote those candidates who just couldn't wait till Feb 10 to do campaigns. If they can't follow simple COMELEC rules, how can we be sure they'd follow any rule at all. Anyway, if we boycott all of em in the elections, sino pa ang matitira para iboto? Nice.

9. Raymond Pagdanganan, please stop annoying me with those ugly posters of your face. Please, magsuklay ka naman before taking any picture that will go public. And please stop doing that infuriating smile. Eurobake must have lost lots of customers for having your big picture put up behind their branch. Annoying talaga. Specially that thumbs-up poster with your dad. Yuck. Has NEPOTISM written all over it.

10. Seen the latest ad on Channel 7 lately? That one boasting how GMA7 allegedly tripped ABS-CBN off the ratings. See how their charts say "Magpakailanman" is better than "Maalaala Mo Kaya"? I was able to watch the two simultaneously last Thursday (thanks for the universal remote control, of couse!). Two stories, which is better? That of Rey Valera, or of that artist who sang "Bawal na Gamot"... who was that? Ah... Willy Garte. (Notice why people with the name Willy never got any good break on Philippine hollywood.) Basing on the presentation of the plot, the choice of actors to play the different roles, artistic presentation of the different scenes, etc. etc.... I'd say ABSCBN still has the magic over GMA7. People! Just look at GMA7's Artist Center! Trying hard losers. Even their station ID sucks.

Goodness! Ten thoughts in fifteen minutes! I've been thinking too much of old stuff again. Gotta release all the negative aura and start tomorrow with a smile again. I should refrain watching too much TV. I should, since there's not much to watch anyway.

---end of entry---


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